3 game winning goals for Pedro Sousa Torch FC to defeat Clarkstown Eagles

Pedro Sousa scored the winning goal in a 2-1 win for Buxmont Torch. Man of the Match goal keeper Matt Palmer had a impressive performance to only allow 1 goal and 7 saves.

The Clarkstown Eagles traveled to Perkasie, PA with their top select team and showed much better side and play than the home side. Eagles controlled the game for the first 70 minutes, moving the ball effortlessly and scoring 2 times only to be waived off by officials for offsides. The Eagles defended much of the game only allowing less then a handful of shots by the front line of the Torch.

Man of the Match – Matt Palmer – Photo by Matt Ralph

Only one of the Shafer brothers made the game day roster on Saturday evening for the Torch. Phil Shafer for the second time this season missed a game for due to health reasons. David Shafer showed signs of an ankle injury that occurred late into the match against Greater Binghamton and had to be substituted in the 64′ minute. Also due to injuries Khalil Karl did not play this match.

The first waive of subs was made by coach Sparling at the start of the second-half. A total of 6 substitution came in giving the home side a fresh look on the field. Tyler Smith, Pedro Sousa, Nick Marculo, Cody Gangaware, Jake Rudloff and Kenny Varady

The substitutions created a more possession style game for the home side and allowed Joshua Coupar to move into a center midfield position. Clarkstown did not have an answer and Torch pushed through with the first goal of the second half in the 70′ minute by left-mid Cody Gangaware. The goal did not stop Clarkstown Eagles strong presence in the field attacking wide and creating more shots on goal. Eagles broke through the defense for a goal only to be waived off by another offsides call.

The game picked up in the last 15 minutes for the Torch side controlling much of the midfield playing a more controlled soccer then the prior 75 minutes. Nick Marculo and Josh Coupar did much of the work in the middle when a through ball from Kenny Varady ended up in a collision by the Eagles goal keeper and defender that left Pedro Sousa all alone to walk into the six and score the game winning goal.

Take away: Clarkstown Eagles were the better side and the better team today with impressive starting eleven. The Buxmont Torch have a deep enough bench and grit to take down the top teams in the division. Technically, Clarkstown controlled much of the possession and created more chances to score.

Starters: Matt Palmer, Joshua Coupar, Dominic Powers, Jeremiah Mateola, Mitchell Robinson, David Shafer, Will Woodfin, Phil Hagerty, Thiago Dos Santos, Cody Boerema, Matthew Giudice

Substitutions: Cody Gangaware, Tyler Smith, Nick Marculo, Kenny Varady, Pedro Sousa

Man of the Match: Goal Keeper Matt Palmer


Game Replay


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